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A mountain can be an adventure playground for adults. Some will relish the chance to climb up it, others would rather cave under it and some may even prefer to abseil or paraglide down it. OnRock is packed with advice and guidance for anyone who gets their thrills on a mountain.


Techniques for Improving Balance

November 28, 2008|0 Comments

Good footwork, agility and balance are essential components in rock climbing and mountaineering. Once you have perfected these techniques, it will enable you to tackle technically difficult climbs more proficiently and with increased confidence. Understanding Balance Before you can improve [...]

The Importance of Endurance Training

November 26, 2008|0 Comments

You need to be fit to negotiate increasingly more challenging climbs and whilst there are different kinds of training methods you can adopt to get you into peak physical condition, the main emphasis will be focused on training which is [...]

Emotional and Mental Training

November 26, 2008|0 Comments

Whilst physical strength and endurance training will be vital for you to succeed in any climbing expedition, they will be worth nothing if you’re not mentally prepared for the task you’re about to embark upon. Pre-Climb Mental Preparation There are [...]

Anaerobic Training

November 26, 2008|0 Comments

Anaerobic training is a form of exercise that doesn’t rely on using extra oxygen as it uses energy from other sources. It’s a shorter process than aerobic training and is a type of training where you don’t normally work to [...]

Aerobic Training Ideas

November 26, 2008|0 Comments

Aerobic training describes any form of exercise which generates oxygen in the body. It helps to increase your stamina as well as your energy levels. However, although it’s not aimed at building muscle mass nor does it focus on strength [...]

High Altitude Fitness Training

September 16, 2008|0 Comments

Altitude fitness training is the practice of climbers and some other endurance athletes who can spend several weeks of their training regime at altitudes of over 8,000 feet above sea level. Although acclimatisation to high altitudes is something which all [...]

Reducing Rock Climbing Risks

August 21, 2008|0 Comments

When out rock climbing, preparation is the key to reducing the risks and there are several things you should do before venturing out to climb. The Weather Before you even attempt to set out on a rock climbing trip, you [...]

Rock Climbing Etiquette

July 22, 2008|0 Comments

When it comes to rock climbing etiquette, the two main areas of focus are on safety and about ethical considerations towards both conservation and the environment as well as consideration for others. Climbers are only too aware that mountain climbing [...]

What is Canyoning and How to Take Part

June 23, 2008|0 Comments

Canyoning is gaining an increase in popularity as an outdoor adventure activity. Often referred to as ‘gorge walking’ in some parts of the world and as ‘canyoneering’ in the United States, canyoning is, in broad terms, an activity which encompasses [...]

Dangers of Hypothermia & Hypoxia When Climbing

May 19, 2008|0 Comments

Any climb or walk that exposes you to extremely cold conditions can put you at risk of suffering from hypothermia or hypoxia if you’re not prepared which can be life threatening when out rock climbing or mountaineering. Hypothermia is usually [...]

Different Climbing Rope Knots

May 19, 2008|0 Comments

If you are going rock climbing, then in addition to carrying a rope, you’re going to have to know how to use it which means learning all about the various knots that can be tied and which knots are suitable [...]

Avalanche Awareness

February 26, 2008|0 Comments

Whilst for some people there is no greater thrill than climbing up a snow-clad mountain or hurtling down it on skis or a snowboard for that matter, it’s important that you pay great attention to the possibility of avalanches. Whilst [...]

Multipitch Climbing

January 18, 2008|0 Comments

Multipitch climbing has the obvious advantage over top rope climbing as with the latter, your distance is restricted by the length of the rope. With multipitch climbing, you need at least two people to climb and, in groups of two, [...]

Injury Prevention

January 17, 2008|0 Comments

As in any sport, rock climbers will inevitably suffer from their fair share of bumps and bruises but many common injuries like muscle strains and tears etc could be prevented if certain procedures were followed. Warming up before climbing, using [...]

Climbing Strength Training & Conditioning

January 16, 2008|0 Comments

Rock climbing is not an activity which you can truly enter into without having at least undertaken some physical conditioning training and the more serious you are about your climbing goals, the better your conditioning will need to be. The [...]