Abseiling Clothing and Equipment

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Abseiling comes in many different guises. From industrial applications to charity climbs to abseiling skills required when descending from a mountain there will be some variations in the types of clothes you’ll need to wear and in the equipment you’ll need to buy. Clothing If you’re abseiling as part of [...]

Getting Started in Abseiling – Courses

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Many people’s first (and perhaps, only) experience of abseiling has often been descending down the side of a building to raise funds for some charitable event, yet there is much more to it than that and it’s an essential skill to master if you are serious about rock climbing or [...]

Safety Back Up Procedure whilst Abseiling

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The definition of abseiling (also sometimes referred to as ‘rapelling’) is “the technique that is used for descending vertical cliff faces using harnesses ropes and safety equipment”. However, the practice of abseiling has grown and expanded to a large degree over recent years and, where it was once the sole [...]

Dangers to Consider When Abseiling

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Whilst abseiling is usually a very safe activity if it is conducted under supervision by a qualified instructor is performed from a structurally safe venue and the equipment is all in good working order, it can be dangerous too if proper precautions aren’t taken. Preparation Preparation is the first essential [...]

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