Techniques for Improving Balance

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Good footwork, agility and balance are essential components in rock climbing and mountaineering. Once you have perfected these techniques, it will enable you to tackle technically difficult climbs more proficiently and with increased confidence. Understanding Balance Before you can improve your balance techniques, it’s important to understand the physiology of [...]

Emotional and Mental Training

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Whilst physical strength and endurance training will be vital for you to succeed in any climbing expedition, they will be worth nothing if you’re not mentally prepared for the task you’re about to embark upon. Pre-Climb Mental Preparation There are many factors to consider when it comes to being mentally [...]

The Importance of Endurance Training

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You need to be fit to negotiate increasingly more challenging climbs and whilst there are different kinds of training methods you can adopt to get you into peak physical condition, the main emphasis will be focused on training which is related to strength and endurance. Strength Training Strength training is [...]

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