What is Canyoning and How to Take Part

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Canyoning is gaining an increase in popularity as an outdoor adventure activity. Often referred to as ‘gorge walking’ in some parts of the world and as ‘canyoneering’ in the United States, canyoning is, in broad terms, an activity which encompasses a range of techniques used to descend gorges, ravines, mountainous [...]

Understanding The Grading Systems Of Climbs In The UK

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The UK has a recognised grading system for each of its climbs in the UK. This allows you to gain a perspective on how easy or difficult a climb would be and to tackle climbs that are within your current level of ability. It also enables you to move on [...]

Altitude Sickness – Prevention & Treatment

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Climbing at altitude means that the air becomes thinner and it becomes more difficult to breathe. Whilst many climbers are acclimatised to this, others can experience various degrees of altitude sickness. Prevention is always much more preferable to cure, however, and whilst there are certain ways of treating it, the [...]

Choosing and Caring for Climbing Ropes

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The first consideration when selecting a climbing rope is what you intend to use it for. Climbing ropes can be broken down into 3 main groups. There are dynamic mountaineering ropes which are used for arresting falls, low-stretch ropes or static ropes which are used for abseiling, ascending and rigging [...]

Different Climbing Techniques

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There are several different climbing styles and whilst some climbers master more than one technique, many others specialise in a particular climbing discipline and the skills are often quite different from one style to the next. Traditional Rock Climbing Often referred to as a ‘trad climbing’, this is the most [...]

Choosing the Right Footwear for Climbing

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There are many different varieties of climbing shoes to suit many different types of climbing activity. When making a choice there are certain things you should determine first of all. Considerations When Choosing the Right Shoe Firstly, the level of your competence – are you a beginner, intermediate or an [...]

Other Equipment Needed for Rock Climbing

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There is a vast choice of equipment and kit that is used when rock climbing. What you’ll purchase will depend on the types of activity you undertake and the kinds of location you visit. Equipment Will Vary Between Disciplines In addition to ropes and climbing shoes which we’ve talked about [...]

How to Get Started in Climbing

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Climbing as a sporting discipline can take on many guises. From low-level bouldering where belays and ropes aren’t needed and the climber can simply jump back down to the ground to full-scale mountain expeditions at high altitude - climbing can be as dangerous and tough both mentally and physically, as [...]

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