Dangers of Hypothermia & Hypoxia When Climbing

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Any climb or walk that exposes you to extremely cold conditions can put you at risk of suffering from hypothermia or hypoxia if you’re not prepared which can be life threatening when out rock climbing or mountaineering. Hypothermia is usually categorised into three stages. Hypothermia - Stage 1 Your usual [...]

Climbing Strength Training & Conditioning

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Rock climbing is not an activity which you can truly enter into without having at least undertaken some physical conditioning training and the more serious you are about your climbing goals, the better your conditioning will need to be. The main areas of focus are strength and endurance and training [...]

Choosing the Right Climbing Helmet

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A proper climbing helmet is an essential piece of protective equipment that should be worn whenever you are out climbing. It will protect your head should you fall or against the impact of banging your head against a rock face. You’re also at risk from loose rocks, equipment and other [...]

Hazards of Rock Slides and How to Deal With Them

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The risk of falling rocks is one of the most common dangers to rock climbers and mountaineers which is why it’s imperative that you wear an approved climbing helmet as a form of protection. So many people have been killed or seriously injured by falling rocks and not just by [...]

Effective Communication

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Effective communication skills between team members are absolutely crucial to the success of any rock climbing or mountaineering expedition but the success of the expedition or trip is not just about talking and listening. Team First Communication skills within a group and how effective they will prove to be all [...]

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