OnRock was formed many years ago to offer a unique reference point on rock activities and exploration.

We’ve recently acquired this website from the original creator, so we’ll be having a major refresh and update soon, as the content is pretty ancient right now!

Watch this space ;)

OnRock was formed to offer a unique reference point on rock based climbing, cycling and hiking.

A mountain can be an adventure playground for adults. Some will relish the chance to climb up it, others would rather cave under it and some may even prefer to abseil or paraglide down it. OnRock is packed with advice and guidance for anyone who gets their thrills on a mountain.

For rock climbers, the site has tips on choosing climbing ropes, footwear and other essential equipment, looks at different climbing techniques and rock climbing etiquette, and reveals how to get started in climbing and reduce the risks involved. Caving enthusiasts can find out about conservation and safety, while the abseiling section focuses on the dangers to consider and avalanche awareness.

The site has information on buying a paraglider, learning to fly, preventing accidents and coping in an emergency, while rock hiking features explain how to use a compass and plan a hike, and mountain bikers can learn techniques for descents and steep climbs.

Ideal locations and routes are highlighted for each sport and ways to minimise the impact of rock sports on the environment are discussed. Of course, safety is of paramount importance and there is a section of the site dedicated to general safety skills, such as rope knots, injury prevention and outdoor survival.