Abseiling Routes and Locations

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Abseiling by its very nature, involves the process of descending from height using ropes and other equipment. Therefore, the majority of popular abseiling routes will be, by implication, the same as the most popular climbing locations as it is simply a discipline most commonly associated with rock climbing and mountaineering. [...]

Rock Climbing Routes and Locations

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Britain is rich in the amount of fantastic climbing locations we have especially given its size. And, with it also being an island, you’re never that far away from cliffs even if there are no mountain ranges close by. The Peak District The Peak District in Derbyshire is considered by [...]

Mountain Biking Routes and Locations

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Wherever there are mountains there are sure to be some fantastic bike rides to be experienced. Here are just some of those around the UK that are very popular and, given that they are all long distance routes, you have the opportunity to bike the whole route, which may take [...]

Caving Routes and Locations

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There are many caves of different varieties dotted throughout the length and breadth of the British Isles. However most organised caving expeditions take place in areas in the UK where the rock is formed out of limestone. Although, there are areas of caving interest in parts of Scotland, Cumbria and [...]

Paragliding Routes and Locations

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As the popularity of paragliding continues to increase so, too, do the number of locations around the UK you can take part in the activity. There are numerous clubs up and down the British Isles where you can participate in the activity. However, the most popular sites tend to be [...]

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