Abseiling Routes and LocationsAbseiling by its very nature, involves the process of descending from height using ropes and other equipment. Therefore, the majority of popular abseiling routes will be, by implication, the same as the most popular climbing locations as it is simply a discipline most commonly associated with rock climbing and mountaineering.

However, some people who do not specialise in those activities do enjoy abseiling as an activity in its own right. Many who choose to do so come from all backgrounds and often you’ll find hen and stag parties trying it out and many companies will use abseil centres and clubs for team building purposes. Then there are also groups who will use an abseil event to raise funds for a particular charitable cause.

Here are a few selected popular places at which you can practice your abseiling skills. This list is by no means comprehensive. There are, after all, thousands of places and clubs all over the UK which offer abseiling as an activity so this is simply just a guide to those places which focus more upon abseiling as an activity in itself as opposed to an opportunity to improve their rock climbing or mountaineering skills, although many do it for that reason too.

Devil’s Gorge, Loggerheads Country Park, Mold. North Wales

This is run by a company called Abseil UK. Following a short lecture and instruction, the abseil is performed down a 75 degree slope called ‘The Slide’. If you master that, then you get the opportunity to ‘graduate’ on to the 120 foot ‘Overhang’ which is a free hang abseil meaning there is no bodily contact with the rock. If you are a keen climber, you may wish to go on and climb Moel Famau, a mountain within the Clywdian range close by.

Aquaseiling in Cumbria

Aquaseiling, as its name suggests, combines abseiling with water whereby you’re not descending from a cliff face or other solid piece of rock but abseiling down a waterfall! There are several companies, like Adventure 21 and Summitrek, which run this increasingly popular activity from Coniston.

Rap Jumping in Scotland

Rap jumping is simply a variation on abseiling whereby you come down the cliff face first instead of backwards. Popular in Australia and New Zealand it is growing here in the UK. Splash White Water Rafting in Perth, Scotland is just one of the growing adventure companies who offer this alternative take on abseiling.

Lighthouse Abseil

Combine your love of abseiling with the thrill of jumping off the top of a lighthouse. The Friends of Leasowe Lighthouse is a charitable group who have banded together to raise money to restore this lighthouse, located on the Wirral Peninsula on Merseyside, to its former glories and they regularly arrange abseiling days for people who wish to support their cause so it’s abseiling with a difference.

There are abseiling events arranged all over the UK every weekend. Some are for charitable causes others are simply for those who wish to try out a new activity to those who wish to practice their skills for climbing trips. Therefore, it’s an adventure activity which can be taken up by virtually anybody.